Department of English Language and Literature (STBA), JIU Opened Pilot Class

JIU is preparing to start the Department of Accounting and English Language and Literature from the Fall, 2018. In particular, as the recommendation from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, we have started pilot classes on August 21st. This pilot classes are being enrolled by local and JIU staff who are passionate about learning.

We plan to recruit new students for the 2018 academic year with a capacity of 35 students. Currently, we are looking for facilities to accommodate around the country for students to apply in various parts of Indonesia. JIU hopes to quickly fill the budget for on-campus dormitory construction for students’ real needs and effective upbringing.

On October 23, an inspection team from the “Judging Committee for the Establishment of Private Universities in West Java” will visit the JIU campus on October 23 to check the school facilities, preparation status and related documents.