An Official Visit from the SOT Headquarters!

The School of Tomorrow (SOT) curriculum, which Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA) utilizes, is currently used by more than 8,000 schools throughout the world, with over a million students studying under it, making it one of the biggest international curriculum in the world. With its main headquarters located in Texas, U.S.A., SOT schools are divided into a number of regional sectors such as North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and more. Indonesia is under the South Pacific Sector, which include countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and several of the islands in Oceania. Indonesia had its first SOT school established in 1999, and currently there are more than 40 SOT schools throughout the country.

On April 22nd, two VIP guests from the South Pacific headquarters paid an official visit to Cornerstone Global Academy (CGA). Mr. Robert Gregory, the Managing Director of the South Pacific Sector, along with Mr. Janto Djaja, the Regional Director of Indonesia, visited CGA after attending the annual Indonesia Student Convention. Although it took these gentlemen 3 hours to reach our school in Cikarang from Jakarta, they met with Cornerstone students and teachers with bright, comfortable smiles.

They briefly met with the current Cornerstone students to challenge them with a few words of encouragement and had a luncheon with the core members of Korea Education Complex (K-Eduplex), the education/business foundation that oversees Cornerstone Global Academy’s establishment. Expressing great expectations for our faculty and administration staff and hoping for an intimate future cooperation between the SOT headquarters and Korean Education Complex, Mr. Gregory and Mr. Djaja left with the promise that the South Pacific headquarters will provide all the support CGA ever needs. CGA will surely be firmly established with the full attention from the headquarters.

Cornerstone Global Academy will officially open up for the 2015 Fall Semester in August 10th, 2015. It will hold its first promotional event “Open House & Admissions Seminar” on May 23rd (Saturday 10 a.m.). Shortly after the Open House event, the enrollment/admission process will begin from early June. The construction of the Korean Education Complex (K-eduplex) building which will house CGA is expected to begin in the coming summer season of 2015 and be finished in 2016. In the meantime, CGA will hold classes with a few number of handpicked, capable students at the Ruko building in Cikarang.